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How to spot legitimate ads for overseas jobs

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has issued tips on how to determine if an advertisement for overseas jobs is legitimate or not.

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said only recruitment agencies licensed by the POEA are allowed to place advertisements for overseas jobs. Foreign employers may advertise only through them or through the POEA.

Advertisements from licensed recruiters have to have the following information:
• Name, address and POEA licensed number of the agency;
• Work site of prospective principal/project;
• Skill categories and qualification standards; and
• Number of available positions

Ads without the above information but require applicants to submit bio-data and other documents through an e-mail address or post office box should be avoided. Job applicants should also disregard ads with instruction to report for an interview in a hotel room or private residence. These ads are most likely placed by fly-by-night or other unauthorized recruiters, Cacdac said.

He said advertisements for manpower pooling by licensed agencies are allowed but they should indicate in bold letters that it is for manpower pooling only and that no fees will be collected from the applicants. The name, address and POEA license number of the agency, name and worksite of the prospective registered or accredited principal, and the skill categories and qualification standard are also specified.

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