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Spam e-mails not from the POEA

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration did not send the recent spate of emails received by recruitment agencies, purportedly informing them about license suspensions/cancellations and instructing them to click on a mysterious attachment.

He said the POEA usually informs recruitment agencies about administrative actions or decisions on adjudication cases by means of POEA sheriff or courier services, and not through e-mail.

Cacdac said recipients should treat such e-mails with caution, especially those with attachments.

“E-mail spammers commonly use attachments to sneak viruses into the victim’s computer. They even trick you to into sharing personal information like passwords or credit card numbers”, said Cacdac.

Cacdac said many recruitment agencies reported to him that they received e-mails seemingly coming from the POEA’s official e-mail address, with ‘Notice of Suspension’, ‘Banned Agencies’, Suspension/Banned Notification’ and ‘Best Recruitment Agency for 2014’ as subjects.

“The mere receipt of such a notice through email makes the whole letter null and void and should be deleted or disregarded,” Cacdac said.

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