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Recruiter’s license suspended for misrepresentation

POEA administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac has ordered the suspension of the license of Zareiko Productions Inc. for sending household service workers (HSWs) to Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the use of visas different from their actual work.

Cacdac said Zareiko Productions, Inc. committed acts of misrepresentation when it submitted documents of five HSWs for POEA processing as accounts assistant, cashier, cleaner, driver, and secretary when in fact the OFWs were to work as domestic helpers.

Cacdac advised OFWs not to accept job offers which require them to use another visa.

“OFWs deployed through misrepresentation or deceit are more vulnerable to abuse and maltreatment,” Cacdac said.

The complainants against Zareiko Productions, Inc. were among the many household service workers who escaped from their respective employers and took shelter at the welfare center in Dubai. They all complained of overwork, inadequate food and low salary.

According to Cacdac, dishonest recruiters use this modus operandi to circumvent the POEA’s strict requirements in the recruitment and deployment of HSWs especially those who are bound for countries in the Middle East.

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