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Recruiter loses license over concealed domestic worker visas

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac has ordered the revocation of license of Chanceteam International Services, Inc., for attempting to deploy two household service workers who carried declared and concealed visas.

Cacdac said the Bureau of Immigration barred the two domestic workers from boarding their Dubai-bound airplane, when each of them presented two visas for different positions but with the same permit numbers.

The Administrator said that, apparently, the two workers were processed at the POEA under two-year contracts as cashier and hairdresser, respectively, but will eventually work as housemaid and babysitter as indicated in the other two visas.

Cacdac said the discovery of the two sets of visas from the workers constituted substantial evidence that the two women were actually intended to work as housemaid and babysitter, respectively, BUT Chanceteam International, Inc. used other non-domestic worker job orders for UAE to facilitate their deployment and ultimately evade responsibility to protect Filipino domestic workers.

“This is a clear case of reprocessing that constitutes misrepresentation to circumvent the POEA rules on recruitment and placement of household service workers,” Cacdac added.

The POEA also found the agency liable for alteration of the two sets of visas which have the same permit numbers.

Cancellation of license is meted upon a recruitment agency which had three misrepresentation offenses. As a consequence, the officers and directors of the agency at the time of the commission of the offenses were disqualified from the business of recruitment and placement of overseas Filipino workers.

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