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POEA suspends employer and recruiters of HSW scalded with boiling water

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has ordered the preventive suspension of A-M Phil Professional Services Corporation, the recruiter of Pahima Palacasi Alagasi who was poured with boiling water in Saudi Arabia.

POEA also suspended the accreditation of Al Motkasses Recruitment Office, A-M Phil’s counterpart recruiter in Saudi Arabia, and Alagasi’s employer Adil Akmad Badjuid.

The recruiters and the Saudi employer were found to have committed serious violations of the 2002 POEA Rules and Regulations against Alagasi who was processed and deployed as a household service worker in KSA.

Alagasi arrived in Riyadh and started working for Adil Akmad Badjuid last March 2014. She complained of maltreatment from her employer and was brought back to Al Motkasses Recruitment Office. The Saudi recruiter transferred her to the mother of her employer when the wife of Adil Akmad Badjuid refused to accept her.

She sustained severe burns when her employer’s mother poured boiling water on her body on May 4, 2014. She managed to escape from the hospital and sought shelter at the house of a cousin.

The preventive suspension order was issued pending investigation of the disciplinary action filed motu propio by the POEA against the recruiters and the employer.

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