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POEA issues warning on immigration consultant

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac yesterday warned Filipino applicants to be wary of GoWest Jobs, an immigration consultancy firm offering jobs in Canada.

Cacdac said the Philippine Overseas Employment Office (POLO) in Toronto reported that Eric Johansen, Director of Immigration Services Branch, Ministry of the Economy, Province of Saskatchewan has notified them about alleged fraudulent job offers and LMOs being made by GoWest Jobs. Mr. Johansen said he received complaints from Canadian employers that GoWest Jobs has been issuing to Filipino applicants employment contracts and labor market opinions (LMO) with forged signatures.

According to Mr. Johansen, several Filipino workers have inquired from a Saskatchewan employer if the signed employment contracts and LMOs they got from GoWest Jobs were genuine. The general manager of SRI Homes, has confirmed that his signature has been forged in the employment contracts. The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) also confirmed that the LMOs were not authentic. .

“All the foreign workers confirmed they paid GoWest Jobs for these employment contracts and LMO. The foreign workers stated they paid for and received the employment contracts and LMO from Rose Lising-Grey and Imelda Saluma,” Johansen said in his report.

Cacdac advised applicants who may have been issued fake documents by GoWest Jobs to execute an affidavit of complaint and submit them to the POEA for appropriate filing of illegal recruitment cases.

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