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POEA cancels recruiter’s license over excessive placement fee

POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac has ordered the cancellation of license of Goodman International Manpower which was found to have collected exorbitant placement fee from an OFW who worked as a manicurist in Singapore.

The complainant against Goodman International alleged that an employee of the recruitment agency required her to pay Php40,000 as partial placement fee. She paid the amount from the proceeds of a Php147,000.00 loan she obtained from a lending company. The rest of the money went to Goodman’s counterpart agency in Singapore.

The worker further testified that Goodman did not issue her a receipt corresponding her payment and she was deployed to Singapore using a tourist visa. She resigned from her work after only three weeks.

Aside from cancellation of license for violation of the POEA rule on placement fee, Cacdac meted Goodman International the penalty of nine months suspension of license or a fine of Php450,000.00 each for collecting fee without issuing a receipt, misrepresentation, and deploying workers whose employment and travel documents were not processed by the POEA.

Cacdac also ordered the disqualification of the officers and directors of the agency from participating in the business of recruitment and placement of overseas Filipino workers.

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