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Helpful tips for Skype interviews

skype-interviewDoing interviews over Skype can be a blessing in disguise; while it means you don’t have to worry about arriving on time or finding the office, and you don’t have to worry about your outfit either (you only have to dress your upper half and smile to the Web cam) communicating online in general can be tricky.

International organizations are increasingly relying on Skype to interview candidates who are either residents of another country or happen to be out of town at the time.

In this article, we will provide you with tips to help you do better in Skype interviews.

Prepare Skype

If you don’t have Skype installed on your PC or laptop, make sure you download and set it up well in advance. Even if you’re sure it’s installed, try to open it and sign-in just to ensure that it’s working properly. If you’re planning to use a headphone and a microphone, test them beforehand as well.

Control the Scene

You’re in control of what the interviewer sees and hears during a Skype interview; consider the lighting and the background at your interview place. It might seem like an easy task, but if you leave it till the last moment you might end up doing the interview in a dark bedroom with awkward posters hanging behind you.

Place a test video call where you plan to have the interview to check out the alignment of your camera, make sure you know what the interviewers can see and move your screen to ensure eye contact with them all the time.

While it’s true that you need to worry about dressing from the waist up, you risk standing up to get something at some point.

If this your first Skype interview, it would do you good to do a mock interview with a friend. See if you’d face technical issues or find it difficult to communicate over Skype.

Be flexible

Technical issues whether due to poor internet connection or Skype acting up can always happen. It is key to be flexible and stay calm. It’s OK to ask to rearrange the call. Use problems as an opportunity to demonstrate your determination and skills by suggesting to place a phone call for the audio and use Skype for video alone, or ask to stop the video stream altogether as it slows downSkype.

Updated: October 18, 2014 — 4:52 pm
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