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Change the way you apply to jobs today!

In her response to Chris, an average job seeker who plays by the book, Riz Rayan reveals a formula for job hunting success: “It’s self-reflection. Job-seekers aren’t used to being told to look in the mirror, but that’s what you have to do now.”

In this article, you will learn tips that can change the way you apply to jobs forever.

1.Understand potential employer’s pain

Hiring managers care about whatever real problem they have at work and would like to spend a big chunk of money as salary to solve it.

Look online for more information on the responsibilities and the expected outcomes for this specific job in other organizations. Try to find out through connections the significance of the job within the company. This will help you focus on certain areas within the job and create your personal selling points on that basis.

After doing that; starting writing a specific CV for this job and don’t forget to attach an impressive cover letter.

Use your selling points and value added skills and expertise in answering interview questions when you’re called for one.

2.Embrace your troubles

Don’t sweep your negatives under the carpet and hope that no one will notice that time gap in your CV when you weren’t working or the fact that you have changed too many jobs in a very short time. Instead, embrace it.

Stop blaming recruiters, a previous horrible boss or life difficulties for your trouble finding a job. It’s time to reflect and be responsible for your own destiny.

Once you acknowledge your weaknesses and problems; you’ll be better equipped to answer the interviewer’s questions and justify whatever job that you’ve had but are not proud of, or the lack of one.

3.Change the way you write your CV

You’ve got a lot more than your previous jobs to offer. Turn your skills into benefits for the company you’re interested in. Don’t stick to one CV that you use to apply to all kinds of jobs. Your job search will be more interesting if you have 2 or 3 different versions of your CV to use.

Writing a new tailored cover letter for every job that you apply to is also very important.

Updated: November 7, 2014 — 1:56 am
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