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Thanks for this news release, Comm Fred Mison and the BI family:


Pasay City, Philippines—The Bureau of Immigration (BI) expressed their support in the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)’s drive against illegal recruitment.

According to BI Commissioner Siegfred Mison, all immigration officers are directed to be on the lookout for possible victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment by strictly implementing the guidelines on departure formalities.

“We will continue performing our mandate to ensure that Filipinos will not be victimized by these [human trafficking and illegal recruitment] syndicates,” said Mison.

The statement came after POEA revoked the license of several recruitment agencies that provide workers with reprocessed work documents.

Last March, the POEA revoked the license of Chanceteam International Services, Inc. for attempting to deploy household service workers using double visas.

Immigration Officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport discovered the scheme when two workers processed by the POEA as cashier and hairdresser respectively presented altered visas, but later showed their true visas indicating that they will work as a housemaid and a babysitter.

“Presenting altered visas is a scheme by some agencies who attempt to illegally send workers abroad,” said Mison. “We are in close coordination with the POEA, both as members of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking, in our drive to put an end to this modus,” he added.

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