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Beware of the “P3,800 On-the Job-Training Scam”!

Ian Anderson House has been a target of a fraudulent health care practitioner recruitment program targeting caregivers in the Philippines. The scam attempts to recruit and collect registration fees with promises of employment.

Applicants send their resumes through social media and receive a follow up email and/or text message stating that they have been selected for a position at Ian Anderson House, and are instructed to make a payment in order to attend a mandatory “Employment Seminar” session.

Please know that Ian Anderson House is not actively recruiting foreign workers at this time and will never ask job applicants to send money as part of the job application process.

If you have received an email, text, or other communication similar to that described above, contact your local police station or anti-fraud agency. Do not respond to any emails that you suspect may be part of a scam.

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